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  • Nous offrons plus de 400 modèles de cartes de souhaits.
  • Reproduction d'aquarelle originale.
  • Dimension 5 x 7, facile à encadrer.
  • Papier de qualité supérieure.
  • Toutes nos cartes de souhaits sont sans texte.
  • Produit du Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada.
Condition spéciale: Si une carte sélectionnée n'est pas disponible, nous nous réservons le droit de la remplacer par une autre similaire.
Cartes de souhaits



Point of sale

La flânerie. 36, Boulevard St-Pierre Est Caraquet, NB, E1W 1B6.

Le coin des Artistes, 445 Boulevard St-Pierre Ouest, local 113, Caraquet, NB, E1W 1B2

Clover Farm Marché Grand-Anse, 329 Rue Acadie, Grande-Anse, NB, E8N 2T9

Your Independent Grocer Dalhousie, 170 Renfrew St, Dalhousie, NB, E8C 2K2

IGA La Coopérative Régionale de La Baie ltée, 3430 Rue Principale, Tracadie-Sheila, NB E1X 1G5

Coop IGA, 68 Rue Principale, Lamèque, NB E8T 1M6

Coop IGA, 615 Dieppe Blvd, Dieppe, NB E1A 0R9

Librairie Acadienne, UdeM Moncton,18 Antonine-Maillet Ave, Moncton, NB E1A 3E9

IGA Extra, 140 Roseberry St, Campbellton, NB E3N 2G9

Libraire Pélagie, 221 Boulevard J. D. Gauthier, Shippagan, NB E8S 1N2

Libraire Pélagie, 171 W St Peter Boulevard., Caraquet, NB E1W 1A5

David's Your Independent Grocer, 229 Boulevard J. D. Gauthier #2, Shippagan, NB E8S 1N2

Épicerie Pointe Rocheuse, 284, boul. St-Pierre Ouest, Caraquet, NB, Canada E1W 1A4

Aquarium NB, 100 Rue de l'Aquarium, Shippagan, NB E8S 1H9

Village Historique Acadienne, 5 Rue Du Pont, Bertrand, NB E1W 0E1

Distillerie Fils du Roy, 599 Chemin Principale, Petit-Paquetville, NB E8R 1G7

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It all started here...

in good company, a beautiful Saturday morning at the hunting camp...

The purpose of PierRo Art...

is to promote the works of New Brunswick artists outside our borders.

Our artists

Artiste Co-Propriétaire
Pierrette Robichaud
Shippagan, Nouveau-Brunswick
Artiste Collaboratrice
Luce Audet
Shippagan, Nouveau-Brunswick
Artist(e) Collaborateur(trice)
Est-ce vous????

Biography Pierrette Robichaud

Originally from Shippagan and having lived most of my life in Quebec, mainly in Montreal, I returned to the Acadian Peninsula for my retirement and decided to get back into watercolor in order to satisfy my great passion.

I have been drawing since I was very young. After high school, I studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts. I then moved to Montreal for undergraduate studies, specializing in Art History. Worked in a craft shop during my studies and for a few years. Then I was offered a job as an assistant in the libraries of the City of Montreal, where I finally obtained a permanent job there, and continued at the Bibliothèque du Plateau Mont-Royal until 1998.

I touched on several mediums: batik, engraving, stained glass, calligraphy, mosaic to finally discover watercolor.

I was first initiated by taking watercolor classes with the watercolorist Ming Ma in Montreal. He introduced us to the real magic of watercolour.

I discovered this magic between water and color. Fascinating! I was was clear that this is the technique I was choosing. Watercolor definitely became my medium of choice, always accompanied by Indian ink, of course.

Biography Luce Audet

Watercolor has always interested me for its luminosity and delicacy. I started doing it in 2003, but it was only in 2004, after my retirement from teaching, that I got into it seriously. In 2005, work in the Far North of Quebec with the Inuit inspired my first collection, and since then I have been painting full time. I draw my inspiration from nature and the activities that fascinate me. In November 2011, I opened my painting studio to the public and in the summer of 2012 I invited a dozen other artists to come and exhibit in the framework of the Shippagan Fisheries and Aquaculture Festival. The activity, a success, was motivating, and I repeated it in 2013 and 2014. Mainly self-taught, I am still indebted to the painters and teachers from here and elsewhere who guided me in my learning.

You can visit my virtual gallery at the following address:

Luce Audet 122, rue Pointe-Brûlée Shippagan (N.-B.) E8S 1Y1

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